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Committee Listing

The Governing Committee is responsible for the administration of CAR, including the preparation and filing of the Plan and Rules of Operation and the adoption and filing of any amendments to the Rules or Plan of Operation. The Governing Committee shall consist of thirteen individuals appointed by the Commissioner to terms of six years; six members to be from insurance companies participating in the Plan and one additional representative from a domestic insurer in the Commonwealth whose annual motor vehicle policy premium amounts to less than two and one-half percent of the private passenger insurance market and unaffiliated with any other insurance company represented on the Governing Committee, and six members to be from the associations of insurance producers, two of whom shall be producers who are assigned risk producers who write private passenger automobile insurance exclusively through the Massachusetts automobile assigned risk plan approved under Section 113H of Chapter 175 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Governing Committee Members as of November 16, 2016

Mr. James S. Hyatt - Chair Arbella Insurance Group
Mr. Thomas C. DePaulo – Vice Chair Cabot Risk Strategies, LLC
Ms. Pamela L. Bodenstab-Krynicki P L Krynicki Insurance Agency
Mr. Christopher D. Dupill EM Freedman Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. Sumner D. Gilman Economy Insurance Agency, Inc.
Ms. Paula W. Gold Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation
Mr. Thomas A. Harris Quincy Mutual Group
Mr. Christopher Jarrard GEICO
Mr. John V. Kelly MAPFRE U.S.A. Corporation
Mr. M. John Olivieri, Jr. J.K. Olivieri Insurance Agency, Inc.
Ms. Kellie A. Thibodeau The Hanover Insurance Company
Ms. Meredith M. Woodcock Liberty Mutual Group
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