Frequently Asked Questions

CAR has organized their Frequently Asked Questions by business category. Please click on the title of each category to view the questions that pertain to that topic. We have added additional resources under links.

If you have any additional questions about CAR, try our Search or please contact us at Data Operations. For Technical issues, please visit our Help page.

Residual Market

Answers to Administrative questions pertaining to Servicing Carrier requirements, the subscription process, and CAR's training program.
Answers to Underwriting questions pertaining to cedable coverages, CAR's Commercial Automobile Insurance Manual, and CAR's rate edit penalty program.
Answers to MAIP-related question pertaining to Companies and Producers.


Answers to Claims questions pertaining to CAR's role in the Department of Revenue's Insurance Claim Payment Intercept Program and the procedures for excess judgment reimbursement.

Data Reporting

Answers to Data Reporting questions pertaining to the reporting requirements set forth in the Massachusetts Statistical Plans.


Answers to Financial questions pertaining to CAR's quarterly member participation reports and member company ceding expense allowance.

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