Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers

Rule Modifications Deemed - December 19, 2017

Rule 21.D.6. has been amended to confirm a March 31, 2018 end date for the restriction on the non-renewal of Clean-in-Three risks written by qualifying former Exclusive Representative Producers (ERPs). Additionally, to provide policy processing assistance to these ERPs in transitioning their Clean-in-Three business to the MAIP, should that be needed, further provisions have been added to Rule 21, applicable to those Clean-in-Three risks whose policies expire April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019. These provisions include notification requirements to the producer, and modification of the down payment and pre-inspection requirements if the producer is unable to place the risk in the voluntary market.

Refer to Bulletins 1041 and 1045 for additional information.