Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers

Special COVID-19 Notice - April 15, 2020

On April 15, 2020, CAR issued Bulletin No. 1098 – Premium Credits and Refunds Pursuant to DOI Filing Guidance Notice 2020-B, which referenced Division of Insurance (DOI) Filing Guidance Notice 2020-B entitled “Guidelines for Filings Associated with COVID-19 Refunds or Premium Credits." CAR's Bulletin advises Assigned Risk Companies that refunds or premium credits afforded pursuant to filings made in accordance with Filing Guidance Notice 2020-B shall apply to all policyholders, regardless if written voluntarily or assigned through the MAIP.

On March 24, 2020, CAR issued Bulletin No. 1096 – Guidance for Servicing Carriers and Assigned Risk Companies During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, which referenced Division of Insurance (DOI) Bulletin 2020-05 entitled "Flexibility in the Issuance and Administration of Insurance during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Public Health Crisis.".   CAR's Bulletin provides Servicing Carriers and Assigned Risk Companies with appropriate guidance during this time, suggesting that Servicing Carriers and Assigned Risk Companies initiate solutions, consistent with the Division's directive, to look for "all ways to be flexible on collecting premiums and in finding ways to address what the Division hopes is a short-term disruption in the business environment."

Assigned Risk Producers must do their best to work out a solution to provide insurance services and are advised to contact their Assigned Risk Company in order to determine a manner in which these services may be best provided, including deposit premium collection, forwarding of down payments to the assigned company and the processing of endorsements or other policy related services and issues.

In addition, be advised that in consideration of the direction provided by the DOI, CAR's review of compliance matters, with regard to MAIP violation and complaint submissions, will be evaluated in the context and spirit of the directive to be “flexible.”   Therefore it is important to contact your assigned company for direction with regard to the submission of premiums.