Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers

Governing Committee Meeting - May 14, 2020

Counsel's Report
The Governing Committee approved a Limited Assignment Distribution Agreement between Pilgrim Insurance Company and Essentia Insurance Company

Ceded Commercial Uncollected Earned Premium
The Governing Committee discussed Arbella Insurance Groupís request to consider whether premium defaults resulting from billing and cancellation accommodations made in connection with Division of Insurance Bulletin 2020-05 should be borne by the industry. Members agreed that the DOI Bulletin does not provide carriers with an established end date to these accommodations and further discussion, relative Servicing Carrier guidance in the handling of commercial auto risks as the Commonwealth transitions through the current public health emergency, is warranted. The Commercial Program Oversight Committee will meet on May 21, 2020 to discuss this issue and if continued discussion is necessary, the meeting will be continued to May 28, 2020 and/or June 4, 2020.