Statistical Data

Companies should use the Statistical Correction function to correct records that contain a statistical error. The error percent of each shipment must be reduced to within tolerance to avoid Statistical Data Quality penalties.
Please contact Data Operations with any inquiries.

Submit Data

Statistical Data Entry

This function allows companies to submit Statistical data on-line.

Statistical Corrections

This function allows companies to submit corrections to statistical records that have one or more statistical errors. This function is used to reduce each shipment's error percent to within tolerance to avoid Statistical Data Quality Penalties.

Data Extraction Request

Companies may request extracts of their statistical data that is residing on CAR's databases and receive it in the format in which it was originally submitted.

Data Call – COVID-19 Refunds or Premium Credits

These forms allow companies to comply with the reporting requirements outlined in A&S Notice No. 661: Data Call – Summary of Refunds or Premium Credits related to COVID-19 Filings. Either Data Call form should be completed by March 1, 2021.

Research Tools

Non Polk VIN

Browse and update non-Polk VIN data

Producer Codes

Browse producer codes

System Help

Statistical Data Entry Help

Explanation of the process for submitting statistical data online using the Statistical Data Entry application.

Statistical Correction Help

Manual that explains the process for correcting statistical data.

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