The Telecommunications System is available from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time), Monday through Friday. The system is not available during CAR's scheduled holidays. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Data Operations or call 617-338-4000.

September 4, 2015
It has come to our attention that, starting with version 45 of the Google Chrome browser, the use of Java plug-ins are no longer allowed. Because the Telecommunications section of the CAR website uses a java applet (Reflection for the Web) that requires Java plug-ins, companies will no longer be able to access our mainframe applications using Google Chrome. Accordingly, in order to use the CAR Telecommunications System applications, you will need to use a different browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s Firefox.

Beginning with version 1.7.0_55 of Oracle’s Java 7 Runtime and version 1.8.0_20 of Oracle’s Java 8 Runtime, the Security Level default settings for this software are not compatible with Reflections for the Web, the software that CAR utilizes to connect users to the Telecommunications System. The following instructions will resolve the connectivity issue. Please contact the Data Operations Department if you continue to experience problems after modifying your desktop settings.


Accounting Corrections

This system allows companies to review and correct Critical and Non-critical errors, review and correct Warning and Penalty cession errors, and browse through various informational lists including Net Negative Premiums, Outstanding Loss Reserves, Critical/Non-Critical Analysis, and Premium/Loss Write-Offs.

    Accounting Policy Histories

    This policy history function displays all the ceded cession, premium, and loss records reported for a specific effective year and policy number. It also provides policy and claim summary information.

      Cession Reporting

      The Cession System is a subset of the overall CAR Accounting System that is limited to cession records only. A cession represents the notification from a company that it wants to cede a policy to CAR (i.e. have CAR cover the policy). This application allows companies to report, correct, and browse cession records.


        Reinsurance Audit

        The Reinsurance Audit System has been designed to identify questionable data (loss records for ceded policies) reported by member companies and provides member companies with on-line access to that data. The system is interactive which allows member company and CAR personnel to communicate on-line to resolve reporting issues. Manual audits are also performed to supplement on-line monitoring activities and to ensure the integrity of the audit process.


          Allocated Expense Report

          This report, derived from the CAR statistical system, provides average allocated expenses payments by type of loss for voluntary and private passenger claims on both commercial and private passenger business.

            Average Cost Per Claim

            This report, derived from the CAR statistical system, provides average claim costs for both voluntary and ceded claims, private passenger and commercial business.

              Rule 12/29

              Rule 12/29 History

              The Rule 12/29 Policy History program displays the records provided by the MRB for a specific effective year and policy number.


                Policy Based Producer Code System

                This application lists those policies that contain inconsistent producer codes or CAR ID Codes. For those policies with only inconsistent producer codes, companies may correct the incorrect producer code via a "grid" and the program will change the producer code on every record for that policy.

                  Producer Code Inquiries

                  CAR's Producer Matrix System is comprised of summary and detail records relative to Representative Producers (voluntary) and Exclusive Representative Producers (involuntary) writing automobile insurance in Massachusetts. A Producer Code is assigned to each agent by a company, and that code is reported on cession and statistical data. This inquiry function allows companies to browse the Producer Matrix System in order to correct producer code errors.

                    Statistical Corrections

                    This correction system allows companies to correct those records containing at least one of the 50+ statistical errors. The application identifies errors and presents "grids" for each possible data element that could be incorrect and thus causing the errors. Companies may then input the correct value in the grid and eliminate the error. Error percentages are provided and updated as corrections are processed.

                      Statistical Online Lookup System

                      This function assists in the correcting and coding of statistical records by centralizing CAR's commonly used databases, such as Class Code, Catastrophe Code, Producer Code, Zip Code, Polk VIN Edit, and Non-Polk VIN Edit.

                        Statistical Policy Histories

                        This policy history function displays all the detail premium and loss records reported for a specific effective year and policy number.

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