Producer Code Notification

The Producer Code Notification application provides company users the ability to report new producer codes, update existing producer codes, track producer code activity, obtain producer code listings and report new agencies to CAR. Please contact CarProdCodes with any inquires.

Producer Reporting

The Existing Agency and New Agency functions refer to whether or not an agency is on file with CAR. If you can not find the agency under the Existing Agency function then the agency does not have a file with CAR and is new. Use the appropriate forms to report agency information and corresponding producer codes to CAR.

  • New Agency
  • Existing Agency
Producer Code Report

This report provides a list of producer codes for a company by CAR identification code and effective year.

Producer Code Entry/Update Activity Log

This function provides an activity status on company submitted producer codes.

Application for ARP Certification

Companies can send this form to a new agency to expedite the ARP Certification process. CAR must have on record an agency's completed application in order to process a company’s request to add/update producer codes.

Producer Code Notification Help

Producer Code Notification Help

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