• Compliance Audit Reports
  • SIU Quarterly Savings Report
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Compliance Audit Reports

The Compliance Audit Company Reports contain the following types of reports: the Hybrid Audit Report that measures results pertaining to Quota Share, rate making data, and statutory requirements or CAR Rules, commercial premium and claim statistical audits, commercial premium underwriting, commercial Claim Performance Standards including the evaluation of the SIU function, ad hoc focus audits, and any premium or claim audits conducted in support of an Unqualified Opinion in conjunction with CAR's Financial Statements.

Please contact the Compliance Audit Department directly for any reports not found in the report application including prior years or industry level reports provided to the Division of Insurance.

Compliance Audit Reports

Individual company reports for the current statistical audit cycle as well as the immediate past audit cycle are available in this section. They show in detail, the results of the examinations which are designed to test the accuracy of Premium and Claim transactions reported to CAR. Reports are password protected so that each company may access only its own reports.

SIU Quarterly Savings Report

Each servicing carrier is required to report quarterly to CAR the number of cases assigned to its SIU, the number of cases denied or compromised for all claims, and the dollars saved.

SIU Quarterly Savings Template

Servicing carriers can report their quarterly savings with this template.

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