• Detail Data Report
  • Summary Report
  • Additional Applications in
  • Annual Report
  • Deficit and Large Loss
  • Loss Reserving Comm Exhibits
  • Participation Ratios
  • Settlement of Balances

Claims Trend

Please be advised that the Private Passenger Claim Trend Reports for the June, 2022 quarter have been updated on September 9, 2022. Questions relating to this Private Passenger Claim Trend Report may be directed to Peter Bertoni at 617-880-7278, or by email at pbertoni@commauto.com.

Detail Data Report

This report contains six years of earned exposure, incurred loss, and incurred claim count data for the BI, PDL and PIP coverages by CAR ID code for your company and the industry. The report also calculates loss per exposure and claim frequency results based on this data. Summary pages are also provided to identify retained, ceded and total market results.

Summary Report

This report summarizes the statistics calculated in the detail report, i.e. loss per exposure and claim frequency, and calculates additional key indices relating BI to PDL and PIP to PDL relativities.

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