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CAR Accounting

The CAR Accounting system houses the components of a ceded policy cession record, ceded premium records, and ceded loss records.  There are a number of programs that monitor and edit the successful submission of each component part.
- The Cession system allows users to add, correct, delete, and view cession notices to CAR.
- The Flat Cancellation Audit (CA5010) is a monitoring program where CAR requests documentation be uploaded to support
    TX4 and TX15 cancellation transactions.
- The Policy History function allows users to view ceded policies reported in the last 10 years.
Please contact Data Operations with any inquiries.

Cession Data

Cession Entry

Use this function to submit a new cession record for processing.

Cession Correction

Use this function to correct an existing cession record that has a non-fatal error.

Cession Update

Use this function to change specific fields on the cession record such as Insured’s Name, Producer Code, Effective Month or Day, Transaction Code, etc.

Company Notes

Use this function to add or update notes for a specific policy (per policy effective year).

Cession Help

Cession Help

Explanation of the process to add, correct, and view cession data online using the CAR Accounting Cession application..

Cession Reports

Cession Records

Use this function to view all cession records for the three most current reporting years.

Batch Totals

Summary total by date received and media type.

Fatal Cessions

Use this function to view all fatal cessions.

Flat Cancellation

Flat Cancel Sample

Lists the three current effective years sampled along with the individual policies that require supporting documentation for valid flat cancellation.

Policy History

Functions to review the common, premium and loss policy history data.

  • Cession
  • Claim Summary
  • Common
  • Loss
  • Premium
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