CAR Company Grouping

Groups/Companies Number

A U Holdings Group
 Continental Indemnity Company296
 Florida Casualty Insurance Company---
 Pennsylvania Insurance Company715

Accelerant Holdings LP
 Accelerant National Insurance Company166

Accident Fund Group
 Accident Fund General Insurance Company161
 Accident Fund Insurance Company of America165
 Accident Fund National Insurance Company159
 United Wisconsin Insurance Company702

 ACSTAR Insurance Company---

Aegis Security Insurance Group
 Aegis Security Insurance Company---

Aegon Insurance Group
 Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company*---
 Work First Casualty Company*---

Aetna Inc., Group
 Aetna Insurance Company of CT---

Allianz SE
 Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company415
 American Automobile Insurance Company045
 Chicago Insurance Company249
 Fireman's Fund Insurance Company399
 Jefferson Insurance Company*410
 National Surety Corporation623

Allstate Corporation
 Allstate Indemnity Company035
 Allstate Insurance Company033
 Allstate Northbrook Indemnity Company---
 Allstate Vehicle & Property Insurance Company038
 Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts312
 Esurance Insurance Company323
 First Colonial Insurance Company*---
 Integon General Insurance Corporation*---
 Integon National Insurance Company193
 Mountain Valley Indemnity Company962
 National Farmers Union Property & Casualty Company---
 National General Insurance Company609

Ally Insurance Group
 CIM Insurance Corporation*998
 MIC Property and Casualty Insurance Corporation991
 Motors Insurance Corporation*992

Ambac Financial Group Inc
 Consolidated National Insurance Company083
 Everspan Insurance Company328
 Providence Washington Insurance Company743

American Agricultural Insurance Company
 American Agricultural Insurance Company130

American European Group Inc
 American European Insurance Company647

American Express Group
 AMEX Assurance Company043

American Family Insurance Group
 American Family Connect Insurance Company---
 American Family Connect Property & Casualty Insurance Co418
 Main Street America Assurance Company---
 Main Street America Protection Insurance Company604
 Midvale Indemnity Company569
 NGM Insurance Company612
 Old Dominion Insurance Company---
 Permanent General Assurance Corporation597
 Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio577

American Financial Group, Inc.
 Great American Alliance Insurance Company044
 Great American Assurance Company025
 Great American Insurance Company439
 Great American Insurance Company of New York127
 Great American Security Insurance Company---
 Great American Spirit Insurance Company426
 Mid-Continent Assurance Company352
 Mid-Continent Casualty Company337
 National Interstate Insurance Company622
 Triumphe Casualty Company---
 Vanliner Insurance Company951

American International Group
 AIG Property Casualty Company201
 AIU Insurance Company029
 American Home Assurance Company099
 Blackboard Insurance Company207
 Commerce and Industry Insurance Company283
 Granite State Insurance Company204
 Illinois National Insurance Company205
 Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania503
 National Union Fire Insurance Company of PA627
 New Hampshire Insurance Company643
 Stratford Insurance Company---

American Pet Insurance Company
 American Pet Insurance Company---

Amerisure Companies
 Amerisure Insurance Company151
 Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company598
 Amerisure Partners Insurance Company137

Amica Mutual Group
 Amica Mutual Insurance Company354
 Amica Property & Casualty Insurance Company329

AmTrust Group
 AmTrust Insurance Company494
 CorePointe Insurance Company985
 Milford Casualty Insurance Company571
 Park National Insurance Company355
 Rochdale Insurance Company694
 Security National Insurance Company116
 Sequoia Insurance Company---
 Southern Insurance Company740
 Technology Insurance Company (TIC)158
 Wesco Insurance Company144

Andover Companies
 Bay State Insurance Company*---
 Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Company*---
 Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company*974

Arbella Insurance Group
 Arbella Indemnity Insurance Company156
 Arbella Mutual Insurance Company153
 Arbella Protection Insurance Company154
 Commonwealth Mutual Insurance Company284
 Covenant Insurance Company606

Arch Insurance Group
 Arch Indemnity Insurance Company150
 Arch Insurance Company366

Argo Group
 Argonaut Great Central Insurance Company139
 Argonaut Insurance Company155
 Argonaut-Midwest Insurance Company157
 Colony Specialty Insurance Company371

Armed Forces Insurance Exchange
 Armed Forces Insurance Exchange*---

Arrowpoint Capital Corporaton
 Arrowood Indemnity Company751

Assurant Group
 American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida979
 American Security Insurance Company*---
 Virginia Surety Company, Inc.954

Auto-Owners Insurance Company
 Concord General Mutual Insurance Company235
 Green Mountain Insurance Company, Inc.444
 State Mutual Insurance Company705
 Sunapee Mutual Fire Insurance Company728
 Vermont Accident Insurance Company Inc556

 AXA Insurance Company*---
 Catlin Insurance Company Inc---
 Coliseum Reinsurance Company302
 Greenwich Insurance Company463
 T.H.E. Insurance Company837
 XL Insurance America, Inc.950
 XL Reinsurance America, Inc.*---
 XL Specialty Insurance Company504

Axis Specialty Limited
 Axis Insurance Company400
 Axis Reinsurance Company831

Baldwin & Lyons Group
 Protective Insurance Company739
 Sagamore Insurance Company718

Bankers Insurance Group
 Bankers Insurance Company---

Barnstable Group
 Barnstable County Insurance Company*---
 Barnstable County Mutual Insurance Company*---

BCBS of MI Grp
 ProCentury Insurance Company---
 Star Insurance Company825

BCSI Group
 BCS Insurance Company*---

Beazley plc
 Beazley Insurance Company, Inc.*---

Berkshire Hathaway Inc
 AmGUARD Insurance Company125
 Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company047
 Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance Company241
 Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company833
 Central States Indemnity Company of Omaha*---
 EastGUARD Insurance Company*---
 Fair American Insurance & Reinsurance Company197
 GEICO Casualty Company361
 GEICO General Insurance Company343
 GEICO Indemnity Company359
 GEICO Marine Insurance Company*782
 General Star National Insurance Company*---
 Genesis Insurance Company408
 Government Employees Insurance Company429
 Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company595
 National Liability & Fire Insurance Company*---
 NorGUARD Insurance Company660
 Platte River Insurance Company---
 Radnor Specialty Insurance Company690
 United States Liability Insurance Company*---
 Wellfleet New York Insurance Company171
 WestGUARD Insurance Company801

Brookfield Asset Mgmt Reins Partners Ltd Grp
 Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company362

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
 Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company132

California Casualty Group
 California Casualty Indemnity Exchange---

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
 AmFed Advantage Insurance Company170
 AmFed Casualty Insurance Company174
 AmFed National Insurance Company182
 Ascot Insurance Company129

Canal Group
 Canal Insurance Company215

Capitol Insurance Group
 Capitol Indemnity Corporation---

Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd
 Alea North America Insurance Company032
 SPARTA Insurance Company065

Caterpillar Financial Services Corp.
 Caterpillar Insurance Company---

Cavell Insurance Group
 Transport Insurance Company859

Central Insurance Companies
 All America Insurance Company237
 Central Mutual Insurance Company238

Chandler Insurance Company
 National American Insurance Company (OK)603

Chubb Limited
 ACE American Insurance Company261
 ACE Fire Underwriters Insurance Company263
 ACE Property and Casualty Insurance Company017
 Bankers Standard Insurance Company194
 Century Indemnity Company---
 Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company268
 Chubb National Insurance Company267
 Executive Risk Indemnity, Inc.---
 Federal Insurance Company377
 Great Northern Insurance Company427
 Indemnity Insurance Company of North America996
 Insurance Company of North America499
 Pacific Employers Insurance Company701
 Pacific Indemnity Company703
 Penn Millers Insurance Company710
 Quadrant Indemnity Company*---
 Vigilant Insurance Company*270
 Westchester Fire Insurance Company264

Church Mutual Insurance Company
 Church Mutual Insurance Company SI266
 CM Regent Insurance Company224
 CM Select Insurance Company208

Church Pension Fund
 Church Insurance Company, The*---

Cincinnati Insurance Companies
 Cincinnati Casualty Company180
 Cincinnati Indemnity Company177
 Cincinnati Insurance Company, The259

Clear Blue Insurance Group
 Clear Blue Insurance Company757
 Rock Ridge Insurance Company709

CNA Insurance Companies
 American Casualty Company of Reading, PA049
 Continental Casualty Company295
 Continental Insurance Company, The529
 National Fire Insurance of Hartford619
 Transportation Insurance Company867
 Valley Forge Insurance Company293

Coalition Inc
 Coalition Insurance Company324

Coface SA
 Coface North America Insurance Company*---

Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers
 Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers*999

Concert Group Holdings Inc
 Concert Insurance Company181

Conifer Holdings Inc
 White Pine Insurance Company892

Core Specialty Insurance Holdings Inc
 StarStone National Insurance Company164

COUNTRY Financial
 Country Casualty Insurance Company271
 Country Mutual Insurance Company272

Countryway Insurance Company
 Countryway Insurance Company027

Coverys Companies
 Preferred Professional Insurance Company492
 ProSelect Insurance Company---

CSAA Insurance Exchange
 Mobilitas General Insurance Company562

Cumis Insurance Society, Inc.
 Cumis Insurance Society, Inc.303

DB Insurance Company Ltd
 DB Insurance Company Ltd (US Branch)216

Dealers Assurance Company
 Dealers Assurance Company*306

Delaware Life Holdings LLC
 SeaBright Insurance Company*---

Dentists Insurance Company
 The Dentists Insurance Company*---

Electric Insurance Group
 Electric Insurance Company309

Employers Mutual Casualty Company
 EMC Property & Casualty Company319
 EMCASCO Insurance Company322
 Employers Mutual Casualty Company336
 Union Insurance Company of Providence900

Encova Mutual Insurance Group Inc
 Motorists Commercial Mutual Insurance Company096
 Phenix Mutual Fire Insurance Company*978

Enstar Group Limited
 Clarendon National Insurance Company229
 Yosemite Insurance Company965

Everest Re Group Ltd
 Everest Denali Insurance Company330
 Everest National Insurance Company327
 Everest Premier Insurance Company334
 Everest Reinsurance Company---

Everett Mutual Group
 American Reliable Insurance Company---

Excess Reinsurance Group
 KnightBrook Insurance Company110

Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited
 Allied World Insurance Company145
 Allied World Specialty Insurance Company121
 Crum & Forster Indemnity Company105
 Crum and Forster Insurance Company220
 Greystone Insurance Company253
 Hudson Insurance Company451
 North River Insurance Company, The667
 Odyssey Reinsurance Company---
 Seneca Insurance Company, Inc.538
 TIG Insurance Company856
 United States Fire Insurance Company927
 Vantapro Specialty Insurance Company868

Farmers Insurance Group
 21st Century Advantage Insurance Company---
 21st Century Casualty Company---
 21st Century Centennial Insurance Company269
 21st Century North America Insurance Company195
 21st Century Premier Insurance Company217
 Farmers Casualty Insurance Company587
 Farmers Group Property and Casualty Insurance Company589
 Farmers Insurance Exchange---
 Farmers Property and Casualty Insurance Company585
 Foremost Insurance Company Grand Rapids Michigan989
 Foremost Property and Casualty Insurance Company972
 Foremost Signature Insurance Company---
 Mid-Century Insurance Company370
 Toggle Insurance Company---
 Truck Insurance Exchange896

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Co of IA
 Farmers Mutual Hail of Iowa*---

FCCI Insurance Group
 FCCI Insurance Company168
 Monroe Guaranty Insurance Company505
 National Trust Insurance Company624

Federated Mutual Group
 Federated Mutual Insurance Company380
 Federated Reserve Insurance Company274
 Federated Service Insurance Company381

First American Corporation Property & Casualty Company
 First American Property and Casualty Insurance Company*428

Florists' Mutual Group
 Florists' Mutual Insurance Company*---

FM Global Group
 Affiliated FM Insurance Company021
 Factory Mutual Insurance Company*---

Ford Motor Company
 American Road Insurance Company, The981

Forge Group Inc
 Forge Insurance Company218

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company
 Patriot Insurance Company---

General Motors Group
 OnStar National Insurance Company---

Generali - US Branch
 Generali - US Branch---

Global Indemnity plc
 Diamond State Insurance Company---

Goose Creek Capital Inc
 Harco National Insurance Company465
 Occidental Fire and Casualty Company of NC686
 Transguard Insurance Company of America842

Granada Indemnity Company
 Granada Indemnity Company236

Grandview Risk Holdings Ltd
 Cedar Insurance Company583

Gray Insurance Group
 Gray Insurance Company---

Greater New York Group
 Greater Mid Atlantic Indemnity Company485
 Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company442
 Insurance Company of Greater New York495
 Strathmore Insurance Company791

Greysbridge Holdings Ltd
 Watford Insurance Company921

GS Administrators Inc
 Sentruity Casualty Company*---

Guideone Insurance
 GuideOne Insurance Company736
 GuideOne Specialty Insurance Company---

Hallmark Insurance Group
 American Hallmark Insurance Company of Texas143
 Hallmark Insurance Company---

Hannover Re Services USA Inc
 Glencar Insurance Company338

Hanover Insurance Group Property & Casualty Co
 Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Company454
 Allmerica Financial Benefit Insurance Company397
 Camped Casualty & Indemnity Company Inc *---
 Citizens Insurance Company of America262
 Hanover American Insurance Company, The453
 Hanover Insurance Company, The455
 Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company567
 NOVA Casualty Company443

Hartford Financial Services Group
 Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company469
 Hartford Casualty Insurance Company467
 Hartford Fire Insurance Company468
 Hartford Insurance Company of Illinois430
 Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest464
 Hartford Insurance Company of the Southeast413
 Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company466
 Maxum Casualty Insurance Company---
 Navigators Insurance Company599
 New England Insurance Company*---
 Nutmeg Insurance Company616
 Sentinel Insurance Company LTD461
 Trumbull Insurance Company893
 Twin City Fire Insurance Company894

HDI Global
 HDI Global Insurance Company123

Highlands Holdings Ltd
 Aspen American Insurance Company---

Hillcrest Holdings Inc
 Great Plains Casualty Inc434

Hiscox USA Group
 Hiscox Insurance Company Inc119

Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest
 Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest*---

Horace Mann Insurance Group
 Horace Mann Insurance Company481
 Teachers Insurance Company835

Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company
 Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company148

Housing Authority Insurance Group
 Housing Enterprise Insurance Company Inc---

ICW Group
 Insurance Company of the West---

IFG Companies
 Alamance Insurance Company---
 Burlington Insurance Company, The*---
 First Financial Insurance Company357

Intact Financial Group
 Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company179
 Guarantee Company of North America USA546

James River Group Holdings Ltd
 Falls Lake National Insurance Company713
 Stonewood Insurance Company712

Jewelers Mutual Holding Company
 Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company SI*---

Kaufman Insurance Group
 Atain Insurance Company*---

Kemper Corporation
 Infinity Insurance Company493
 Response Insurance Company507
 Warner Insurance Company*---

Kingstone Insurance Company
 Kingstone Insurance Company149

Lancer Financial Group Inc
 Lancer Insurance Company895

Lemonade Insurance Company
 Lemonade Insurance Company172

Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies
 American Economy Insurance Company621
 American Fire and Casualty Company041
 American States Insurance Company625
 Employers Insurance Company of Wausau340
 Excelsior Insurance Company326
 First Liberty Insurance Corporation, The403
 First National Insurance Company of America404
 General Insurance Company of America417
 Ironshore Indemnity Inc610
 Liberty Insurance Corporation513
 Liberty Insurance Underwriters Inc.510
 Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company512
 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company514
 Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company581
 Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance Company525
 Liberty Northwest Insurance Corporation---
 LM General Insurance Company521
 LM Insurance Corporation518
 LM Property and Casualty Insurance Company745
 Meridian Security Insurance Company351
 Montgomery Mutual Insurance Company---
 Netherlands Insurance Company, The633
 Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, The688
 Ohio Security Insurance Company680
 Patrons Mutual Insurance Company of CT416
 Peerless Indemnity Insurance Company175
 Peerless Insurance Company711
 Plaza Insurance Company758
 SAFECO Insurance Company of America770
 SAFECO Insurance Company of Indiana769
 State Auto Property & Casualty Insurance Company411
 State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company414
 Wausau Business Insurance Company956
 Wausau General Insurance Company957
 Wausau Underwriters Insurance Company955
 West American Insurance Company960

LIG Insurance Company Limited
 Kookmin Best Insurance Company Ltd. (US Branch)122

LIO Holdings Company
 LIO Insurance Company214

Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance
 Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance*547

Magna Carta Companies
 Public Service Insurance Company746

Maine Mutual Group
 MMG Insurance Company502

 American Commerce Insurance Company---
 Citation Insurance Company, MA419
 Commerce Insurance Company, The279
 MAPFRE Insurance Company498

Markel Corporation
 City National Insurance Company176
 Essentia Insurance Company313
 Markel American Insurance Company561
 Markel Insurance Company*138
 National Specialty Insurance Company160
 Pinnacle National Insurance Company973
 State National Insurance Company, Inc.792

Matthew T Moroun
 Cherokee Insurance Company---

Medmarc Insurance Group
 MEDMARC Casualty Insurance Company*---

Merchants Insurance Group
 Merchants Mutual Insurance Company582
 Merchants Preferred Insurance Company578

Merfax Financial Group LLC
 Incline Casualty Company301

MetLife Inc
 Metropolitan General Insurance Company588

Metromile Inc
 Metromile Insurance Company---

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group
 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company of America829
 Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA, Inc.830

Munich Reinsurance Group
 American Alternative Insurance Corporation101
 American Family Home Insurance Company030
 American Modern Home Insurance Company*314
 American Modern Property and Casualty Insurance Company320
 American Modern Select Insurance Company446
 American Southern Home Insurance Company246
 Digital Advantage Insurance Company447
 Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance*---
 Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. of CT*---

National Fire And Indemnity Exchange
 National Fire and Indemnity Exchange*---

National Independent Truckers Insurance Company
 National Independent Truckers Insurance Company620

Nationwide Group
 Allied Insurance Company of America135
 Crestbrook Insurance Company120
 Harleysville Insurance Company958
 Harleysville Preferred Insurance Company486
 Harleysville Worcester Insurance Company963
 National Casualty Company247
 Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America618
 Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company206
 Nationwide Assurance Company560
 Nationwide General Insurance Company594
 Nationwide Insurance Company of America857
 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company630
 Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company501
 Scottsdale Indemnity Company649
 Victoria Fire and Casualty Company---

New York Marine Group
 New York Marine and General Insurance Company134

Next Insurance Inc
 Next Insurance US Company607

NLC Insruance Pool
 Danbury Insurance Company*---
 Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company*984
 New London County Mutual Insurance Company---
 Thames Insurance Company*---

Norfolk And Dedham Group
 Dorchester Mutual Insurance Company---
 Fitchburg Mutual Insurance Company990
 Norfolk & Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Company664

Obsidian Insurance Holdings Inc
 Obsidian Insurance Company452

Ohio Farmers Insurance Company
 Ohio Farmers Insurance Company*---
 Westfield Insurance Company*---
 Westfield Select Insurance Company906

Ohio Indemnity Company, the
 Ohio Indemnity Company*689

Old Republic International Corporation
 BITCO General Insurance Corporation199
 BITCO National Insurance Company200
 Great West Casualty Company441
 Manufacturers Alliance Insurance Company549
 Old Republic General Insurance Corporation107
 Old Republic Insurance Company695
 Old Republic Security Assurance Company*---
 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company706
 Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Insurance719

Old United Casualty Company
 Old United Casualty Company*---

OneMain Holdings Inc
 Triton Insurance Company*---

Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
 Pacific Specialty Insurance Company---

PartnerRe Ltd
 PartnerRe America Insurance Company---

Penn National Insurance
 Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company716

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company
 Indiana Lumbermens Insurance Company115
 Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company109

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Group
 Chiron Insurance Company221
 Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company433

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers
 EmPro Insurance Company318

Pie Group Holdings Inc Grp
 Pie Casualty Insurance Company353
 Pie Insurance Company (The)103

Pilgrim Insurance Company (American Family Connect P & C)
 Pilgrim Insurance Company (American Family Connect P & C)*422

Plymouth Rock Companies
 Bunker Hill Insurance Casualty Company730
 Bunker Hill Insurance Company210
 Bunker Hill Preferred Insurance Company211
 Bunker Hill Property Insurance Company212
 Pilgrim Insurance Company (ceded commercial auto)732
 Pilgrim Insurance Company(Taxi)734
 Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation731

Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
 Preferred Mutual Insurance Company141

Prime Holdings Insurance Services, Inc.
 Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc364

Professional Liability Insurance Company
 Professional Liability Insurance Company*---

Progressive Direct Insurance Company (Safety)
 Safety Insurance Company (Progressive Direct)*786

Progressive Insurance Group
 American Strategic Insurance Corp.---
 National Continental Insurance Company626
 Progressive Casualty Insurance Company737
 Progressive Commercial Casualty Company788
 Progressive Direct Insurance Company785
 United Financial Casualty Company902

Protective Life Corporation
 Protective Property & Casualty Insurance Company---

Providence Mutual Group
 Providence Mutual Fire Insurance Company, The994

PURE Group of Insurance Companies
 Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE)118

QBE Insurance Group Limited
 General Casualty Company of Wisconsin436
 North Pointe Insurance Company617
 Praetorian Insurance Company230
 QBE Insurance Corporation748
 Regent Insurance Company437
 Stonington Insurance Company173

Quincy Mutual Group
 New England Mutual Insurance Company944
 Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company988

Randall & Quilter Group
 Accredited Surety and Casualty Company Inc128

ReAlign Insurance Group
 American Summit Insurance Company146
 National Summit Insurance Company631

Republic Western Insurance Group
 Repwest Insurance Company749

RLI Group
 Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company297
 RLI Insurance Company756

RMV MA Registry of Motor Vehicles
 RMV MA Registry of Motor Vehicles*666
 RMV MA Registry of Motor Vehicles*995
 RMV MA Registry of Motor Vehicles*997

Root Inc Grp
 Root Property & Casualty Insurance Company203

Safety Insurance Group, Inc.
 Safety Indemnity Insurance Company772
 Safety Insurance Company773
 Safety Insurance Company(Taxi)717
 Safety Northeast Insurance Company725
 Safety Property and Casualty Insuance Company776

Safeway Insurance Group
 Safeway Insurance Company---

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd USB
 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd USB784

SCOR Group
 General Security National Insurance Company432

Securian FInancial PC Group
 Securian Casualty Company*---

Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
 Selective Insurance Company of America342
 Selective Insurance Company of New York348
 Selective Insurance Company of South Carolina347
 Selective Insurance Company of the Southeast349

Sentry Insurance Group
 Dairyland Insurance Company305
 Middlesex Insurance Company602
 Patriot General Insurance Company707
 Peak Property and Casualty Insurance Corporation---
 Point Specialty Insurance Company358
 Sentry Casualty Company108
 Sentry Insurance Company462
 Sentry Select Insurance Company509
 Viking Insurance Company of Wisconsin949

SiriusPoint Ltd
 Oakwood Insurance Company*---
 SiriusPoint America Insurance Company*---

Skyward Specialty Insurance Group Inc
 Great Midwest Insurance Company---
 Imperium Insurance Company162

Sompo International Holdings Ltd
 American Agri-Business Insurance Company*---
 Endurance American Insurance Company---
 Sompo America Fire & Marine Insurance Company696
 Sompo America Insurance Company 970

Spinnaker Insurance Group
 Mainsail Insurance Company508
 Spinnaker Insurance Company704

Starr International Company Inc
 Starr Indemnity & Liability Company797
 Starr Specialty Insurance Company799

State Farm Group
 HiRoad Assurance Company339
 State Farm Fire and Casualty Company---
 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company828

Stillwater Insurance Group
 Stillwater Insurance Company388
 Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company---

Sutton National Group
 Sutton National Insurance Company798

Swiss Re Group
 American Sentinel Insurance Company---
 Swiss Re Corporate Solutions America Insurance Corporation673
 Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Elite Insurance Corporation659
 Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Premier Insurance Corporation---
 Westport Insurance Corporation---

Tesla Inc
 Tesla Insurance Company183

Tiptree Fin. Grp.
 Lyndon Southern Insurance Company*---

Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
 Avemco Insurance Company*---
 Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company721
 Safety National Casualty Corporation219
 TNUS Insuance Company*816
 Tokio Marine America Insurance Company844
 Trans Pacific Insurance Company824
 U.S. Specialty Insurance Company---

Toyota Motor Insurance Company
 Toyota Motor Insurance Company---

Travelers Insurance Companies
 Automobile Insurance Company of Hartford, The185
 Charter Oak Fire Insurance Company, The245
 Discover Property and Casualty Insurance Company335
 Farmington Casualty Company---
 Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance Company392
 Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance Underwriters393
 Northland Casualty Company881
 Phoenix Insurance Company, The738
 St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company775
 St. Paul Guardian Insurance Company779
 St. Paul Mercury Insurance Company778
 St. Paul Protective Insurance Company671
 Standard Fire Insurance Company, The823
 The Travelers Casualty Company167
 Travco Insurance Company882
 Travelers Casualty and Surety009
 Travelers Casualty and Surety (Commercial)011
 Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America---
 Travelers Casualty Company of Connecticut---
 Travelers Casualty Insurance Company of America013
 Travelers Commercial Insurance Company---
 Travelers Constitution State Insurance Company780
 Travelers Home and Marine Insurance Company883
 Travelers Indemnity Company of America, The891
 Travelers Indemnity Company of Connecticut, The884
 Travelers Indemnity Company, The887
 Travelers Personal Insurace Company---
 Travelers Personal Security Insurance Company---
 Travelers Property Casualty Company of America885
 United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company919

Trebuchet Group Holdings Limited
 Bedivere Insurance Company407

Trisura Insurance Company
 Trisura Insurance Company---

Union Mutual of Vermont Companies
 New England Guaranty Insurance Company, Inc.---
 Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company---

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company
 United Property & Casualty Insurance Company*---

Universal Insurance Holdings Group
 Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company*---

USAA Group
 Garrison Property & Casualty Insurance Company916
 United Services Automobile Association907
 USAA Casualty Insurance Company943
 USAA General Indemnity Company940

Utica First Insurance Company
 Utica First Insurance Company*---

Utica National Insurance Group
 Graphic Arts Mutual Insurance Company424
 Republic-Franklin Insurance Company752
 Utica Mutual Insurance Company948
 Utica National Assurance Company942
 Utica National Insurance Company of Ohio993
 Utica National Insurance Company of Texas934

Vantage Group Holdings Ltd
 Vantage Risk Assurance Company*870

Vault Holdings Group
 Vault Reciprocal Exchange913

Vermont Mutual Group
 Northern Security Insurance Company, Inc.*---
 Vermont Mutual Insurance Company530

W. R. Berkley Group
 Acadia Insurance Company100
 Admiral Indemnity Company111
 Berkley Casualty Company114
 Berkley Insurance Company257
 Berkley National Insurance Company265
 Berkley Regional Insurance Company256
 Carolina Casualty Insurance Company225
 Clermont Insurance Company213
 Continental Western Insurance Company420
 Firemen's Insurance Company of Washington, DC402
 Great Divide Insurance Company226
 Intrepid Insurance Company307
 Key Risk Insurance Company277
 Midwest Employers Casualty Company---
 Riverport Insurance Company638
 StarNet Insurance Company708
 Tri-State Insurance Company of Minnesota344
 Union Insurance Company910

WCF Mutual Insurance Company
 WCF National Insurance Company860
 WCF Select Insurance Company163

Wells Fargo & Company
 Heritage Indemnity Company*---

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company
 West Bend Mutual Insurance Company822

Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance
 Windsor-Mount Joy Mutual Insurance*---

Wright Insurance Group LLC
 Wright National Flood Insurance Company---

Zale Group
 Zale Indemnity Company*---

Zurich Insurance Group LTD
 American Guarantee & Liability Insurance Company089
 American Zurich Insurance Company091
 Centre Insurance Company---
 Colonial American Casualty and Surety Company273
 Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Company316
 Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland391
 Universal Underwriters Insurance Company941
 Universal Underwriters of TX Insurance Company936
 Zurich American Insurance Company971
 Zurich American Insurance Company of Illinois---

* Indicates a company without 6G License
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