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Financial Reports & Applications

Financial FTP User Account Request

Please complete the form below to establish an account for receiving or retrieving the quarterly member participation data via FTP instead of receiving an IBM 3420 tape cartridge in the mail. Companies have the option of receiving these reports at their location via FTP or retrieving them from CAR's FTP site. This form is exclusively for Financial FTP accounts. The Statistical and Cession FTP form is located in the Data Reporting and Quality section.

     * Required Fields

*Company Name: 
*Company Number(s): 

Account ID
Please enter a four position account ID for use in accessing CAR's FTP system. If you leave this field blank CAR will assign one for you.

Account ID: 

Accessing IP Address
Please enter the IP address that will be used in connecting to CAR's FTP system. Access will not be allowed without a valid IP address.

*Accessing IP Address: 

Optional - Auto Transmit
If you would like CAR to transmit the quarterly member participation data to you, please provide the following information.

IP Address:
IP Password:
Desired Filename:
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